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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

The Household Clearance cds. Part 10.


George writes:

I’ve picked out 4 this week, After going through 18 cds, and possibly nearly half way through the collection, I get the strong impression I’m not going to unearth any aural treasures; also, whilst I listen to every single track (with the single exception referred to last week), it gets a bit tedious. So I’m beginning to consider not posting a track from an album if what I consider to be the most listenable is, again in my opinion, actually just a load of old bobbins that no one would want to play. Of course, if I am instructed by CCM himself to stick to the original idea, I will do as he says.

 And it’s not particularly difficult to put a cd on, sit outside at the farm, gaze at the serra, hear Parsley’s bell chiming, listen to the sparrows twittering. The first selection is a cd single that seems to be titled Cosmopolitan, that has 4 tracks by 4 artistes. And the first up, by Silence 4, called My Friends, is very listenable, the vocal reminded me of David Byrne and I convinced myself that it has a 1980s new wave feel.

The burner on this laptop has decided to malfunction, hence the video. I was surprised that a video was available, but the lead singer is a bloke called David Fonseca who is quite famous (in Portugal), and the band’s first (of two) album sold 240 000 copies. In Portugal. One for every fitty people in the country.

The other three songs are, I think, dreary ballads (so forgettable.  I’m typing this having just played them). Apologies to the performers, who I’m sure are lovely and kind to their grandparents and all of god’s creatures.

Next up is a compilation, Grandes Vozes do Seculo XX, which is probably better translated as Major Voices rather than Big Voices. The latter puts me in mind of a teacher friend who although not a big man has a big voice. And he’s not on this album. A glance at the contributions does suggest that the album title is not wholly inaccurate. Here they are: Aretha Franklin (who admittedly had a BIG voice), Whitney Houston (yes, another BIG voice), CIA (who?), Joe Cocker (smallish man - 1m 74cm, big voice), Pedro Abruinhosa & os Bandemonio Lou Reed, Marvin Gaye (major not big), Stevie Wonder (major, not big voice), Percy Sledge (neither), Otis Redding, Ben E King, The Temptations, The Platters, Ella Fitzgerald, Gloria Gaynor, Barry White, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, Paulo do Carvalho, Tom Jones, The Everly Brothers and Green Windows (performing “the day of the king’s birthday”). An album that maybe CCM would buy for 50p if he saw it in the Help The Aged shop in Dumbarton.

The songs by the 3 artistes unknown to you are disappointingly tedious. Here’s  something that is decidedly not:

I suspect that the “1” you see on the album cover implies more albums in this series.

Today’s selections were not an unpleasant listening experience.Maybe next week I can work up more enthusiasm.

CC writes:

Enjoyed both of today's songs.

It is your slot to do what you feel fits George.

Have not been charity shopping in Dumbarton yet, may have to dig out the bus pass.I would quite possibly fork out 50p for Grandez Voices


  1. aural treasures should have been oral treasures. Although there is possibly an argument for aural as well.

  2. I think I was right first time.

  3. According to Google Maps there is no Help the Aged in Dumbarton. There is a Cancer Research, Sue Ryder and Sally Army though

    1. I'm always pleased to learn that it's not only CCM and myself with far too much time on their hands, Ernie

    2. I am always happy to find time to contribute to the public good. If we can help CC by identifying new sources of albums that he buys and shares with us then we all benefit.

    3. A public service Ernie, a public service

  4. I like that Silence 4 track a lot. Although it's not as good as Percy Sledge.