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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Swedefest - Time to Die


From the cover I had absolutely no idea as to who this CD was by and had to resort to the small print in the liner notes to find out.
These tell me that the squiggles in the top left hand corner actually form the word Dodos. Once you konw it's pretty obvious but I don't think I would have worked it out without help

The Dodos are an indie band from San Francisco consisting of  Meric Long on vocals, guitar , keyboards, piano and banjo and Logan Kroeber on drums and percussion.

They have released 8 albums since 2006 with this one Time to Die being their third album from 2009 on the Frenchkiss label.On this one they are joined by Keaton Snyder on vibraphone

That's pretty much all the information that I have which means that the post featured the other album by the band which the Swede also put my way will be even shorter than this one.

At the moment I have no plans to jettison this one.


  1. pleasant enough but neither will be appearing on volume 195

  2. These guys had a brief, but intense, period of popularity in Swede Towers back around 2008/9. We bought their second album 'Visiter' (yes, that's how it's spelt) and enjoyed it so much that we circled back and picked up the debut 'Beware of the Maniacs' too. We were even in the right place at the right time to catch the band in concert during our trip to New York that year. We purchased this album, 'Time to Die', on release, but by then the moment had passed for us and I don't recall it getting an awful lot of airtime around the house. I was quite unaware that they are still a going concern until I read this post.

  3. They sound pretty good to me.

  4. The Dodos are quite excellent. Swc.