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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Blues Collection - Piano Red

We have another ivory tinkler this week in the shape of Piano Red.
Now on a farm near Hampton, Georgia on October 19th 1911  Mr and Mrs Red did not have a wee boy whom they had  the foresight to christen Piano
No, rather Willie Lee Perryman came into the world who was subsequently nicknamed Piano Red on account of his albino pigmentation and his piano playing ability.
These two songs are taken from an album Live and Feelin' Good recorded in London in 1977.
Mr Red also went by the moniker Dr Feelgood and obviously it would be foolhardy in the extreme not to post a song with that title.
The second song goes out to our esteemed comrade Singing Bear
Mr Perryman left this world on 25th July 1985 at the ripe old age (for a Bluesman) of 73

Piano Red - Dr Feelgood

Piano Red - Everyday I Have The Blues


  1. If he was albino wouldn't he have been Piano White?

    1. His brother Rufus who was also and albino and a pianist was known as Speckled Red!

  2. Some "real good time boogie woogie" there CC, as a certain irritating BBC2 music show host would say.