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Monday, 16 February 2015

Some Daintee Music

I didn't get to Martin Stephenson and the Daintees via the traditional route of Boat to Bolivia.
Rather the first album of theirs I purchased was Salutation Road following their appearance at the Fleadh on Glasgow Green on 24th May 1992.
From memory other good acts were Christy Moore, the Levellers, Kirsty MacColl and the great Frankie Miller.
Van Morrison on the other hand was a major disappointment.
Needless to say I did subsequently acquire Boat to Bolivia and only recently I picked up a copy of Gladsome, Humour & Blue.
A terrific and seriously underrated artist and band.
I have just noticed as part of my research that I am in fact one day older than Martin Stephenson!

Martin Stephenson & the Daintees - Big North Lights

Martin Stephenson & the Daintees - Morning Time

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  1. Gladsome, Humour and Blue is my favourite album of his.