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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Zealand Country Focus

When I went to see Allison Moorer at Celtic Connections I picked up a free CD called New Zealand Country Focus.
Twelve tracks from six New Zealand Artists (two each) - the previously featured Tiny Ruins plus Maisey Rika, Trinity Roots, Thomas Oliver, Louis Baker and Waiora. A mixture of the traditional and the contemporary.
For me the pick of the bunch is  easily Maisey Rika - someone I intend to explore further.
I was sorely tempted to post her two tracks but that somewhat defeats the purpose of a sampler with various artists.
So for the second track you are getting Louis Baker with Birds

It is always good to get something for nothing especially when the quality is this good.

Maisey Rike - Tangarda Whakamautai

Louis Baker - Birds

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