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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Birthday Boys


George (a 52 year old man writes) celebrates his birthday today.
He shares his birthday with Michael Bolton and if you visit his pages I suspect that today he may be paying some sort of tribute to the hirsute crooner.Let's face it he has mentioned him several times recently.
But not on these pages, oh no!. No Michael Bolton here. Not now, not ever.

Instead we pay tribute to a true legend born on this day in  1932 - the one and only Mr John R Cash.
Quite simply one of the greatest singers ever to have walked this planet.
And here's the proof.

Johnny Cash -Wanted Man

Johnny Cash -Give My Love to Rose

I suspect there might even be some Johnny featuring over at George's place. Happy birthday youth.


  1. Thanks very much. But no Johnny Cash today.

  2. Johnny Cash - brilliant, and a fitting tribute.
    But, really, what was going on there with Michael Bolton's (or is it George's?) hair?

  3. C, I do need a haircut, but come on, an MB special? Not me.

  4. I thought George was Michael Bolton.

    1. You never see the two of them in the same room Erik!

  5. more photos of Michael and his mullet!