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Saturday 31 August 2013

Up The Creek

I can fairly confidently say that I have never knowingly sat through an episode of Dawson's Creek

Mrs CC obviously has as not only has she purchased the Songs from Dawson's Creek she has also just splashed out on Songs from Dawson's Creek volume 2
Again ,with a fair degree of certainty, I would imagine that the music is far superior to the programme.
There is a mixture of reasonably well known artists  Curtis Stigers and B*Witched on the first album and the Jayhawks and Shawn Colvin on the second one..
Here are two of the lesser known artists on volume 2
On the Monkees cover please feel free to insert the name of your least favourite footballer or football manager at the appropriate intervals!
Thus concludes the holiday purchases.
I'll leave George to decide if I've saved the best 'til last


  1. L loved Dawson' Creek, pretty awful teen angst pish. I did lust after the drunk girl in it on the couple of times I had nothing else to do. But stopped as it seemed inappropriate me being in my early thirties!

  2. I heard a Pete Yorn song I liked once. Life on a Chain maybe. Never watched dawson's Creek.