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Wednesday 14 August 2013

31 Songs

I would imagine that many of you have, or at least have read 31 Songs by Nick Hornby.
He describes it as a"compilation tape in words" and it is his way of sharing some of his favourite songs with others
Which, let's face it is what all us music bloggers are doing albeit not making shedloads of money in the process as we never wrote Fever Pitch or High Fidelity.
At the weekend I acquired for £1.50 a CD which contains a selection of his 31 songs - 18 to be precise.
I like pretty much most of them which is maybe not too surprising given that I am about the same age and disposition as Hornby.
For your listening pleasure I have selected the Bellshill Beach Boys and the erstwhile main man of that rather fine band The Replacements.
I am now off to watch Scotland thrash England at football (I wish!)

Teenage Fanclub - Your Love is the Place Where I Come From

Paul Westerberg - Born For Me