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Thursday 15 August 2013

The Cathedral in Cologne looks like a Spaceship

So sang the Handsome Family - and do you know what they are right!
I've friends in a lovely German town called Wipperfurth which is near Cologne who sent me a souvenir  picture of the cathedral which opened in the middle to show off the equally splendid interior.
It adorned my wall for many a year.When I went on a visit to see them  we went to the cathedral proper.
It was very strange to see this old building with every other building around it brand spanking new.
The Handsome Family are husband and wife Brett and Renee Sparks who met whilst in-patients in a Psychiatric hospital, She writes the lyrics, he sings the songs in a rich bass voice.
The songs tend to be pretty macabre and feature  such topics as ghosts, death, injured animals and troubled people on a regular basis.
As well as their songs they have a fine line in patter and are well worth seeing live -an experience which will live with you for a while

Handsome Family - Cathedrals

Handsome Family - Weightless Again

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