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Sunday 25 August 2013

So Unplug The Jukebox

On a previous holiday I purchased an Adam and the Ants compilation but ended up binning it as it was scratched to buggery.
Not so the one I purchased in Blairgowrie
The young lad serving me told me that Stand and Deliver was his favourite track on the record.When I pointed out he was too young to remember it he said it was one of his mum's favourites!
He did make some pretty good pop songs although I'm not sure Hop-a-long George will agree given his comments about the Lemonheads.
Sadly Adam , or Stuart Goddard to give him his Sunday name, has spent a number of years fighting his demons although more happily he has recently made a comeback of sorts

Adam & the Ants -Antmusic

Adam & the Ants - Young Parisians


  1. I'll have you know I purchased the Kings of the Wild Frontier LP on its release. Not scratched. Not that bad, although it's not been played for a while, given everything's packed up ready for The Move (as opposed to the move, which has already taken place). I think a certain fellow Broughty Ferry-an, now resident close to you, also has this record. Better than his usual Rush, ACDC, etc.

  2. and that's DOCTOR hop-a-long to you

  3. Have you still got your highwayman costume?

  4. i had an urge to listen to Ant Music the other week and tried to find a download but was out of luck until now. Cheers CC

  5. One for Max's New Romantic phase Drew!