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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Young Parisians

Young Parisians are so French
They like Patti Smith

So said Adam Ant - and who can blame them
I've now got the cliche in my mind's eye - the black polo necks (him floppy hair and John Lennon glasses, her blonde), the Gauloises, the Jean Paul Sarte books -you get the picture.

These tracks are taken from the anthology Land (1975 -2002)
Haven't got round to listening  to Disc 2 with the demos and live recordings.
Two tracks without sweary words (quite a challenge) on the extremely remote chance that my nephews ever check out this blog in a desire to increase their musical education.

Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot

Patti Smith - Ghost Dance


  1. It's a great comp and I'm not sure I've played much of disc 2 either. Sometimes thought about posting Rock 'n' Roll Nigger but blanched at it's use of the N word

  2. That and Babologue SA - she seems to have a thing about wee!

  3. Good version of Redondo Beach on Cd 2