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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Double Vision

After a 5 year hiatus following the release of Tunnel of Love in 1987 , Bruce Springsteen released two albums Human Touch and Lucky Town at the same time in 1992.
He obviously had a lot of songs that he wanted to get out there but in my opinion they are two of his weaker albums and a single album incorporating half of the tracks from the two albums would probably have sufficed.

I bought the two of these in a wee charity shop in Gatehouse of Fleet which had an impressive array of CDs but which was manned by a couple of Tweedy Old Crows who looked down their noses at you.

The track I have selected is also covered by Kevin Montgomery and the Road Trippers on their Live! in Glasgow album recorded at King Tuts on Friday 27th June 2003 a concert which I had the pleasure of attending.
The Road Trippers consist of Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin from the Mavericks,Mike McAdam and the legendary Al Perkins on pedal steel.
Kevin is constantly on the road and is worth checking out.
His father co-wrote Heartbeat with Buddy Holly!

Bruce Springsteen - I Wish I Were Blind

Kevin Montgomery & The Road Trippers -I Wish I Were Blind


  1. I have been to Gatehouse of Fleet.

  2. There is an argument that instead of two Sprinsgteen releases pared to one album, that no Springsteen albums would have been even better.
    I don't know where Gatehouse of Fleet is.

  3. South West Scotland George, Dumfries and Galloway area, not far from Kirkcudbright. Sheesh- a Manc explaining Scottish geography to a Scot. I blame the teachers.

    Agree about Springsteen- could probably get his albums down to a 7" single.

  4. Having lived in England for 64% of my life (32 years out of 50, you can tell I teach A-level further Maths) there's a lot I don't know about the land of my birth...

  5. I'm afraid you are both wrong there about Brucie
    Nebraska is a classic album and several others are jolly good too

  6. Give me Lonnie Donegan any day. Or Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty

  7. Gerry Rafferty is likely to feature in my future Paisly Buddies series!

  8. They always say that about Nebraska