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Monday, 22 April 2013

Mexican Monday 2

Welcome to the second edition of Mexican Monday.

It's Tex -Mex Supergroup time this week.
According to Wikipedia the Texas Tornados is a Tejano band. Its music is a fusion of rock, country and various Mexican styles.

Here are the mighty Flaco Jiminez (the man indirectly responsible for this series), Augie Meyers, Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender saying farewell to Mexico.

Regrettably I only have Freddy Fender's Sohn  from FSK's Son of Kraut Album on vinyl.

Texas Tornados - Adios Mexico


  1. Delight down her in Wolverhampton.

  2. Here not her.
    I'm confused. You say Mexican monday but the date at the top syas Sunday.

  3. Posted at 7am this morning which did indeed seem like Sunday night!

  4. How long can you keep this series up?

  5. 6 to 7 weeks SA and then it may get a wee bit tenuous!