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Saturday 27 April 2013

Mexican Monday 3

Terri was a Mexican Girl and Mike Heron appears to have written a song about her.

This is taken from the same Demon Records Doing in Right compilation which includes Heather Myles (I Can See for Myles post 28/02/13)

All I know about this is from the sleeve notes.
I had a vague notion that he used to be in The Incredible String Band.
The sleeve notes advise that this is a standout track from an album of standout tracks Where the Mystics Sing (1996) which features The Incredible Acoustic Band.
Apparently you can hear the influence of Jack Kerouac.
I wasn't that taken the first time I heard this but I suspect that it may be a bit of a grower.

Mike Heron - Mexican Girl


  1. If it's on Mexican Monday it must be good, and as I listen it it's not bad.
    We've had two offers for the house!

  2. Could be Portuguese Tuesday soon!

  3. That's Portuguese terca-feira to you! (I think that means third day, but I'm not 100% sure, but Monday is segunda-feira, and wednesday is quarta-feira). Impressed?

  4. As long as you can order beer you're sorted!

  5. um cerveja e um vinho verde por favor.

    (then point to the Postuguese accordion cds to request one).

    Or point to a lettuce and confidently ask for um cebola por favor. (that's an onion by the waynot lettuce...,)

  6. Sounds like you're sorted Youth