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Saturday 27 April 2013

Buckfast Tonic Wine


Anyone living in the West of Scotland will be familiar with Buckfast Tonic Wine aka Buckie originally  brewed by the monks from the palatial Abbey in Buckfastleigh in  Devon but now brewed, I believe, in an industrial estate in France.
About 95% of consumption takes place in Weegie land. It is extremely high in caffeine and has the desired result of getting tipplers off their faces and fairly violent very quickly.
A blight on society

Regular commentator George and I visited the Abbey  a few years back and on inquiring about purchasing a bottle of Buckie witnessed the Monk chappie produce a bottle from underneath the counter.I can't remember if we got it in a plain brown bag but you get the picture.

This background information is merely to emphasis the strangeness of a band from Washington DC waxing lyrical about consuming Buckie in Govanhill!

Purchased in St Andrews - the CD Living with the Living - not the Buckie!

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - A Bottle of Buckie


  1. I think that Ted Leo has been to Glasgow! Good song.

  2. 70% of it is sold in Lanarkshire, fact that I am not particularly proud of.

    My brother in law worked for the ODA/DFID in Bangladesh, Malawi and other places and it was not unknown for the diplomatic bag to contain a bottle or four.

    Had friends who could tell if it was a good bottle by the label, somehow.

    Fucking awful stuff.