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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Accordion Crimes

Sorry to disappoint George but I own no Portuguese Accordion music.

His comments did however get me thinking as to who is the greatest living accordionist now that the Laird of Auchtermuchty Sir Jimmy Shand is no longer with us.
I give you two candidates;
The County Clare (as opposed to Galway!) lass Sharon Shannon. I saw her give a tremendous performance
at King Tuts many moons ago.
Then there is the Tex Mex wizard Flaco Jiminez who has played with Dwight Yoakam amongst others.

I think Flaco just shades it.

The Accordion Crimes in the post title is not a reference to the splendid tracks below but rather a recommendation for the excellent book by E Annie Proulx.

The Who -Squeeze Box

Sharon Shannon with Steve Earle - The Galway Girl

Flaco Jiminez - The Free Mexican Airforce


  1. They're none of them a patch on Sir Jimmy though, are they? Have you heard the one he did with 50 Cent? Groundbreaking stuff

  2. He was indeed the Dog's Danglies

  3. Up with Clare!
    David Hidalgo's a mean player, too btw.

  4. Have you seen the statue of Jimmy Shand in Auchtermuchty?

  5. I haven't had that pleasure George
    He is however a more worthy recipient of this honour that some others currently being touted in the media

  6. And the Menzieshill pub I used to frequent is still named the Jimmy Shand. I assume it is not the SIR Jimmy Shand. What was the Menzieshill connection to the Auchtermuchty boy?

    Theres a statue of Dicky Bird in Barnsley and he still lives....