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Friday 12 April 2013

You Know More Crowded House Songs Than You Think

Or so the blurb for their Greatest Hits album went.

That's as maybe but I do not possess a solitary Crowded House album.

I do however have a couple of covers here and there including this by Andrea Zonn

This is from her 2003 album Love Goes On.
According to the sleevenotes "Elegantly combining bluegrass, country, Celtic and pop influences, Love Goes On features Andrea Zonn's crystalline soprano voice and superb fiddle playing on a gorgeous set of contemporary material"

So there you go!

Andrea Zonn - Weather With You


  1. Following on from Flaco, what about a Mexican theme. I suggest Mexican Monday. You could post Roger Whittaker's Mexican Whistler. And if you haven't heard, here it is:
    This is absolute genius.

  2. I've already posted Mexican Joe by Jim Reeves but I'll see what I can do. I feel a challenge coming on!

  3. If you play the clip on full screen he looks stark bollocks naked about 50 secs in!