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Saturday 6 April 2013

A Glasgow Geography Lesson ....... of sorts

The Maryhillbillys are not actually from Maryhill, that quaint garden suburb of Glasgow, although their singer originates from there and their record "Meet the Maryhillbillys" is on Luna Records a Glasgow label.
No, they are  from St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia  not to be confused with St Kilda the Scottish island evacuated in the 1930.

The Maryhillbillys apparently proudly support and strongly promote:world peace,good company, country music, a few cold beers and then a good lie down. A mantra, I'm sure which we could all subscribe to!

Interesting facts about Maryhill - Jim Taggart  from the legendary STV Series Taggart (there's been a murder!) works out of Maryhill CID

                                   Maryhill Polis Station

Confusingly Partick Thistle do not play in Partick as I found out many years ago when I alighted from the subway at Partick looking for the ground!
No Firhill  (for thrills!) is situated in Maryhill hence the somewhat tongue in cheek nick name The Maryhill Magyars after the famous Hungarian national team from the 50s.

Partick Thistle are on a roll at the moment. Finalists in the Ramsden's Cup and looking odds on to be First Division champions.
Vera Cruise may have to update their homage

Maryhillbillys - Strangers in Town

Vera Cruise - The Last Time Partick Thistle Won


  1. Thistle gave us a good seeing to last October. A game which I narrowly missed as Max couldn't be bothered and said " can we just go down Byres rd instead" Thankfully for once I listened to him and missed the 7 - 0 mauling

  2. Apologies Jags fans - looks like I may have jinxed you. Congratulations to the Doonhamers