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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Springsteen Covered - I Wish I Were Blind

A bit of controversy following last week's voting for If I Should Fall Behind. Bruce fairly convincingly beat Grant McLellan but was outvoted by those that opted for the version by Dion provided by Drew in the comments!
So it is now The Boss 7 The Rest 5
Last week Lucky Town this week the sister album Human Touch and I Wish I Were Blind.
This week Springsteen is up against Kevin Montgomery.Not his version from Another Long Story his album with Pettibone but the live version from Kevin Montgomery and the Road Trippers - Live! From Glasgow. Recorded at King Tut's Wah -Wah Hut on Friday June 27th 2003.

Bruce's version is clearly the better one but I am going for Kevin COS I WAS THERE!

Others will probably choose to disagree and may even come up with a better version

Bruce Springsteen - I Wish I Were Blind

Kevin Montgomery & the Road Trippers - I Wish I Were Blind


  1. I'm with you on this one CC.

  2. You might want to sit down. Kevin.

  3. Kevin. And I can hear you clapping in there CC!

  4. My innate anti-Bruce prejudice kicks in. Kevin.

  5. Is there another of these Originals vs.Covers series lined up? if not, get thinking about it!

  6. I'm currently in a play centre playing deafening pop music and I can't hear anything on my phone, but if Drew and Swede are voting Kevin this week, it seems unlikely Bruce has a cat in hell's chance, so I'll vote with the masses, because the masses must be right.

    An appropriate metaphor for the electoral process?

    1. I think the Swede was plumping for Bruce Rol

  7. Yes it's Kevin for me too. The gap seems to be closing.