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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wrecking Ball Wednesday

When I was preparing last week's Rod Picott post I noticed that he had a song called Wrecking Ball on his Girl from Arkansas album.
This got me thinking that I have two albums and at least half a dozen songs called Wrecking Ball which surely warrants a feature. Almost getting into Rol territory here.
You will hopefully be relieved  to note that none of them are the one by Miley Cyrus pictured above.

I suppose that Wrecking Ball is a pretty useful metaphor for a songwriter, particularly one of a country persuasion, as it neatly describes a catastrophic event or series of events impacting on one's life.

Here are the first three - one classic and two bog standard.
We will start naturally with the one which inspired this post and which is one of the one's which is not a classic - the song by Rod Picott

Rod Picott -Wrecking Ball

Now for the classic.The title track from her 1995 album here is the great Emmylou Harris with her version of Neil Young's Wrecking Ball  from his album Freedom. Mr Young obviously approves (and why wouldn't he?) as he provides harmony vocals.

Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball

And finally, for this week at any rate, another title song from an album.
The title track from Bruce Springsteen's 2012 album and one which commemorates the then pending demolition of the Giants stadium in New Jersey which becomes a defiant anthem in the face of economic adversity .As I said, metaphors

Bruce Springsteen -Wrecking Ball

More devastation next Wednesday


  1. Top 3 Wrecking Balls from today:
    1. Rod
    2. Bruce
    3. Emmylou

  2. Well Rod's song is bog standard and Emmylou's is a classic, that's for sure, but to lump Bruce's 'Wrecking Ball' in with Mr Picott's is a little harsh. It falls somewhere between the two stools surely?

    1. Better than Rod I'll give you that but not one of his better numbers

  3. In order
    1. Miley.
    2. Emmylou but would take NY version.
    3. Not bothered.
    4. Don't care

  4. 1. Emmylou
    2. Bruce

    and Rod gets a sympathy vote cos a) he wrote a song for a Fred Eaglesmith album and b) seemingly, he got dumped by Amanda Shires

  5. I actually thought about doing a Too Ten on this a few weeks back. You have saved me the job. Now I'll sit back and see if you get all my other ones.