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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Holiday Hiatus - Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue - a band who will split opinions from readers of these pages.
I've previously featured the brilliant Dignity and Fergus Sings the Blues so here are another two early ones.
Raintown sprang to mind as I recently listened to a radio documentary by Rebus author Ian Rankin celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the album by the same  name.

Deacon Blue - Raintown

Deacon Blue - Wages Day


  1. I've always thought "Born in a Storm" followed by "Raintown" was one of the best ever intros to a rock album.

  2. And I hope you're enjoying your holiday!

  3. I find myself conflicted by Deacon Blue, when they came out I couldn't stand them, trying too hard and then I saw them at Motherwell Civic murdering Trampoline and that was it. It was probably me just being a pretentious twat of a teenager rallying against anything half way popular and they were huge in Lanarkshire in the mid to late 90s. But over the years I have mellowed a lot and know love Dignity and think Raintown is a very good album. Ricky Ross who I always thought of as a bit of a cock actually seems really genuine good guy on the Sunday Morning Show and Another Country on Radio Scotland. I also love Wages Day and Twist and Shout. I hope Stiff doesn't read this.

  4. Drew, Top-notch comments lately. Keep 'em coming.