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Monday 9 October 2023

The Big Picture


2023 Charity Shop Purchases #76  - Bap Kennedy - The Big Picture

He's back! Two weeks away and to be honest I didn't miss the Blog that much. The break seems to have got rid of the Singapore bots for the present time at least. No doubt they will return.

Fairly meagre pickings particularly on the second week. However, a stop in Fort William on our way to our first stop near Kyle of Lochalsh proved  reasonably fruitful.

I recognised the name Bap Kennedy and had a vague memory of having seen him live at some stage and sure enough I had at King Tuts on 5th May 2002 - see here .I suspect I had gone along to see Peter Bruntnell. I have since discovered that he had previously been a member of Irish band Energy Orchard who some of you may be familiar with.

I wouldn't have heard any songs from The Big Picture that night as it, his 6th album, was not released on Loose Records until 2005. To quote Wiki it is a mix of country ,Americana and Celtic Soul although I can also hear slight traces of Dylan. Fellow Irishman Van Morrison co-wrote Milky Way and honorary Irishman Shane McGowan also makes a brief appearance on the album.

Sadly Bap died aged just 54 in 2016 from pancreatic and bowel cancer.  

Bap Kennedy - Too Old For Fairy Tales

Bap Kennedy - Milky Way


  1. Charity Chic? That name sounds vaguely familiar but I can't quite place it at the moment. Maybe it will come back to me...

  2. Welcome back. You might not have missed us, but we missed you.