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Wednesday 25 October 2023

Brothers , Sisters ...... 2


A fairly convincing win for Sister Sledge last week over the Allman Brothers in a contest between two very well known acts.

This week is slightly different in that only one of the acts is well known and that is the Isley Brothers.
Surely they need no introduction - This Old Heart of Mine, Summer Breeze , Whose that Lady  -the list of their hits from 1963 onwards is seemingly endless.
I'm not sure it would be fair to feature any of the big hitters so I have gone for I Hear a Symphony and It's Your Thing from  their Motown days in  the mid sixties both of which are still none too shabby.

Representing the Sisters this week we have The Soul Sisters. It looks as though I have songs from two different bands called The Soul Sisters so they are going to double up to take on the Isleys. Good Times Tonight and I Can't Stand It  come from a US Soul duet consisting of Tresia Cleveland and Ann Gissendanner who had an album and a few singles around 1964.

Then there was the Jamaican band The Soul Sisters consisting of Nora Dean, Cecile Campbell and Rita Marley who sang Wreck a Buddy in 1969.

Despite the combined talents of the five Soul Sisters I'm afraid I can't see past the Isley Brothers  this week.


  1. I recognise that last tune, was it used for a different song?

    1. It is very similar to 'Little Drummer Boy'. Very different subject matter though.

  2. I wrote about my love of the Isley Brothers last week, following Rudolph's death. The various Soul Sisters do a good enough job, but it's the Brothers all the way for me this week.

  3. You should have a separate contest between the two Soul Sisters. I'll go for the reggae one.

  4. I like the various sisters here but the brothers inch it on this occasion - thanks to 'It's My Thing', love it.