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Saturday 21 October 2023

Saturday Shuffle 24


Another Saturday, another shuffle. You should know the drill by now, three songs selected at random from my gym MP3 player.

And who better to kick off than the Buzzcocks? On their new album The Bluebells have a Ken McCluskey penned song called Anyone Can be a Buzzcock.  Maybees aye, maybees naw but not just anyone could come up with a song as good as Promises.

The Buzzcocks are followed by The Seeds a psychedelic garage band from the mid 60s who were never really big but who attracted a cult following. The Other Place is yet another track taken from Jon Savage's 1966 -The Year the Decade Exploded. I expect this one will appeal to C

A wee bit heavy for a Saturday maybe so lets finish with Chic and some Good Times. This one will appeal to everyone I'm sure.

More random gobbledygook next Saturday.


  1. They all appeal to me CC! A perfect shuffle for a dismal rainy morning here, you've inspired a work-out on the living room rug.

  2. As C says, perfect. Had to be a good workout. - Brian