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Thursday 19 October 2023

People in Cars


This one  by London band  Curse of Lono was brought to my attention by John At the time I promised him a pint as thanks. I think that I have since  fulfilled this obligation but it is so good that I will happily stand him a couple more next time we catch up.

When you check Wiki they haven't got as far as giving any information about People in Cars their third album  from 2021 so I will refer you to the band's website and to Bandcamp Unfortunately I missed them when they played in Glasgow last year but I will make a point of catching up with them next time they are in town.

Curse of Lomo is also the title of a book by Hunter S Thompson describing his experiences in Hawaii in 1980. The music is pretty much what you would expect from folk influence by him.

It is generally described as Americana and it is in the same camp as The Hanging Stars and Rose City Band a couple of firm favourites of mine and indeed John. I saw the term Southern Gothic used somewhere to describe them and that is fairly apt.

Chapeau Mr Medd.


  1. I enjoyed this record to, on John's recommendation.

  2. Excellent tunes. I'm off to find out more - cheers John!

  3. I agree with the consensus here, impressed by both tracks. Surprised by the Americana tag though on the evidence of these two songs