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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Same Title, Different Song - Stop


I must admit that I am not particularly enjoying this series so it is probably best that I bring it to a premature conclusion. Today's song choice therefore seems rather apt.

Here they come in the order that they now appear in on Google Drive.

Wiki has Lizz Wright down as a jazz and gospel singer although she somehow managed to make an appearance in the Alternative Country bible No Depression Stop is taken from Dreaming Wide Awake her second album from 2005.

Howard Tate was one of those soul singers who enjoyed a late renaissance following some fairly grim personal tragedies  Prior to that  he had a string of hit singles in the late 60s. Stop was one of these released on Verve Records in 1967.

I was going to post Stop by Sam Moore until I realised that it was the same song as Howards!

Americana singer songwriter Lily Hiatt is the daughter of John Hiatt .Her mother completed suicide when Lily was a baby which perhaps understandably led to Lily having drug and alcohol issues. Thankfully she now appears to be on the straight and narrow and has released a couple of excellent albums recently including 2021's Lately from where Stop is taken.

Finally I have saved the best for last. Another female singer with a famous singing father. Here is Sam Brown daughter of Joe with the title track of her 1988 album Stop! I suppose you could say that the exclamation mark means it is not technically the same title (I'm getting in before anyone else does) but that would be picking at straws. Anyway, it's my ball! 

I'm sure there are loads more out there

Lizz Wright - Stop

Howard Tate - Stop

Lily Hiatt - Stop

Sam Brown - Stop!

Apologies if you are having any issues with any of these songs. My systems have been tidied up and now seem to be a bit more fussy!


  1. While I'm sorry to see you bring a premature end to this series, there's no point carrying on if you're not feeling it. I had loads more Stop songs, but the three I picked are by...

    I Am Kloot
    Mega City Four

    1. One of the reasons I chucked this one is that I just looked at what was in my music folder and never took the time to do any wider research

    2. That's a rabbit hole you don't want to go down...

  2. I used to live round the corner from Sam Brown. She used to perform at our annual street festival and would sometimes drag her Dad along.

  3. Am I too late to mention Gene........of course - it's the curse of Friday night johnny-come-latelys. Enjoyed the short series though.