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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

They Survived the St Andrews Bargain Bin Cull ... Just #2

Those of you who survived the Spinto Band have probably opened this post with a degree of trepidation.
I would argue that this week's offering is considerably better- others may choose to disagree.

This week's CD saved from the bin is The Things We Do by Angela McCluskey on Manhatten Records from 2004.
Apparently she is Scottish but is based in Hollywood, California where she is married to composer Paul Cantelon.
She also is a member of the folk rock group The Wild Colonials.
I would describe her music as Amy Winehouse lite  - pleasant enough but obviously not in the same league.

Angela McCluskey - It's Been Done

Angela McCluskey - Love is Stronger Than Death


  1. On first glance I thought the picture was of Mick Hucknall!

  2. She sings a whole lot better than Mick Hucknall. This is not bad, CC, not bad at all. Obviously no Spinto Band, but we can't have it all. Amy Winehouse-lite indeed.

  3. Sings better than Mick Hucknall and is better looking!