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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Some Sunday Christmas Soul

As it is the Sunday before Christmas it is perhaps time for some Christmas Soul and who better to kick is off than the Reverend himself.
It has to be said, however, that The Christmas Album, is probably not Al Green's finest half hour. Nevertheless he enthusiastically embraces his subject as one would expect from a man of the cloth.

I've stopped short of providing you with two of Al's seasonal offerings.
Rather, for the second choice we have something better altogether and something I suspect will feature/have featured at Drew's place.
It's Johnny and Jon with Christmas from Vietnam from 1966 in my case taken from the fabulous Kent album A Soldier's Sad Song -Vietnam through the eyes of Black America 1966-73

Al Green - Silent Night

Johnny and Jon - Christmas in Vietnam


  1. Given Al's offerings in the early-mid 70s I think he can be forgiven for today's tune. That Soldier's Sad Song is indeed a great album, possibly not a bad track on it. Such as today's quality song.

  2. You're right CC it featured a year or so back. Love the Al Green

  3. Two quality tracks today CC. Christmas In Vietnam is stunning. Need to try and get myself a copy of that album.

    1. It would be a good Christmas pressie to yourself Scott

    2. Rev. Al - the voice is there but so is that horrible keyboard.
      Johnny and Jon- right soulful.

      Thanks for your recent comments over at my blog - much appreciated. I really like what you've got going here and will be linking to you. Back soon.