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Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Skids - Side 2

I've finished In a Big Country the biography of Stuart Adamson by Allan Glen.

It is ok as biographies go with the careers of the Skids and Big Country recorded in chronological order and a decent discography.
Disappointingly none of the members of either band were willing to participate in the book and the material is gleaned namely from the music press and local newspapers.

I suspect that the book will not tell fans of the bands much more that the already know although until I read the book I was unaware that Richard Jobson had been briefly married to Mariella Frostrup

As the book points out it was no surprise that a member of the Skids went on to have a successful career in music. It was a bit of a surprise at the time however that it was Adamson as opposed to Jobson.
Jobson and his enormous ego went off to do TV and film gradually disappearing up his own backside.
He did write some great tunes though!

Skids -Scared to Dance

Skids -Working for the Yankee Dollar


  1. Jobson certainly had the talent to become even more successful in the music biz. Just a pity he turned into a bit of a twat.

  2. He did that rather good documentary on acid house with Joe Strummer, or did I dream that?

  3. That sounds bonkers Drew. I hope it exists
    Swiss Adam

  4. Yeah SA it was for a BBC Scotland arts programme.