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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Pride of Dunfermline

I have just started reading In a Big Country a biography of Stuart Adamson by Alan Glen.

He was part of the two biggest bands ever to have come out of Dunfermline namely the Skids and Big Country.
Nazareth, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson and Barbara Dickson are probably the only other artists of note to originate from this Fife town which was once the ancient capital of Scotland.

I've got as far as the Skids section and I must admit that I prefer them to Big  Country.
The book had me reaching for a four track EP released by Virgin in 1983 which could be said to be a mini Best of.
Side 1 today with the mighty Into the Valley, still blasted from the tannoy at Dunfermline FC  home games, followed by the not quite so mighty but still pretty impressive  Masquerade.

Side 2 to follow in due course.

Skids - Into The Valley

Skids - Masquerade


  1. My word, those Skids tunes still sound good don't they?

  2. Huge fan of both bands. My favorite Skids songs are Circus Games and Charade, but these two are right up there. As I do every year, I'll spend New Year's Eve watching Big Country's Barrowlands show from Dec. 31, 1983. It's a nostalgic and comforting tradition. I haven't read this book. When you're finished, please let us know if it's a good read.

  3. I probably never quite realised in his lifetime what a huge talent Stuart Adamson was. Have subsequently caught up with the great music produced by both bands.

  4. That has reminded me that I never got round to finishing that Adamson book. Got given it as a christmas present a few years ago. It will need to join the pile!

  5. We're playing Dunfermline on Saturday, I fully expect a home defeat but I do love it when we make Jefferies face trip more than normal, greetin' face bastard.