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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Fender Stratocaster

Tom Morton on his Radio Scotland show Morton Through Midnight played Fender Stratocaster by Jonathan Richman the other night.
I thought to myself I think I may have that somewhere and do you know what I was right.
It is on his eponymous album on Special Delivery Records from 1989.

Drew used the word gusto in one of his recent posts.
This serves as a cue for a CCM first - some poetry from the great man (that's Jonathan not Drew!)
Amusing, but I don't expect that many will play it more than once.Quite topical given all the gluttony we are about to subject ourselves to.
Being Jonathan, he placed it as the first track on side 2 as opposed to the last.

Jonathan Richman - Fender Stratocaster

Jonathan Richman - Action Packed

Jonathan Richman - I Eat with Gusto, Damn! You Bet


  1. The Action Packed link is leading to Fender Stratocaster. Enjoyed the track.

  2. Every time I've bumped into the sleeve of this LP over the past 25 years, I've done a double take, thinking that I might have come across a Springsteen bootleg. Is it just me that thinks Jonathan looks somewhat like The Boss in the photo?

    1. Stop trying to soil one of my Herod with this Springsteen talk. This nonsense is of the devil.

  3. Ooh, can't resist the opportunity to name drop. I met JR before a show when he was touring in support of Surrender to Jonathan in the late '90s. Very nice and humble fella. Instantly made you feel like a pal. It was also a very good show. Full band with lots of organ. Not sure how many people heard that album. He's dressed like a pirate on the cover... which didn't help... but it's quite good. May have to pull that one out for the blog at the end of the week.

    1. He played one year at KIng Tuts on my birthday but I'm not convinced that the two events are connected!

    2. Wow, such an intimate place to see him, CC. I'm envious.