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Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Pride of Mississippi

The post title is a play on words on the artists name  and  the album title.
I'm not that sure what your average Mississippi rednecks take would be on a black Country artist.
That however never bothered Charley  Pride too much and he went on to have a stellar career.

Picked up, as you would imagine, in a charity shop for a couple of quid. Worth that for the title track alone. The rest are not all that special.
I've told this story before but I unfortunately missed the opportunity to see Charley's brother Eddie (he plays all Charley's tunes) live in Ullapool as I was working on that particular evening.
Some other time perhaps

Charley Pride - Roll On Mississippi

Charley pride -You Almost Slipped My Mind


  1. Title track absolutely splendid, a great country song. Enjoyed the 2nd one too, although not in the same league as the 1st

  2. I think George Jones would have made a better job of that 2nd one, his vocal style is more suited.

  3. Thanks for this, CC. I talk sometimes about being in a country band and what a new, different experience it is for me. Generally, it's been a great time: fun places, good tunes, always enjoy playing live. The overall silliness of it hasn't died down--just putting on a cowboy hat always makes me laugh (at myself). The one aspect of the experience I'm uncomfortable with is how WHITE the scene is. I live in Santa Monica, California, one of the most culturally diverse cities in America. When we play out around California it's a pretty white scene, but Californians are considerably more liberal than other parts of the country. So, when we toured Texas, I spent about a week without setting eyes on a person of color. That freaked me out. On the one hand, we were really well received (including Arthur, our drummer, who is of Mexican heritage). On the other hand, once we got away from relatively liberal Austin, we were playing to crowds driving American pickups with gun racks. Redneck Trump supporters. That is downright scary. So I have major respect for Charley Pride. He's like the Jackie Robinson of music--maybe even more so as not too many others followed him after he broke down the door.

  4. Thanks, CC. I only have 2 Charley Pride tunes - here's one of them (recorded live in 1968):

    Hope you like it!

    1. I do indeed.
      Thanks Marie
      In addition to Roll on Miississippi I have a cheap and cheersful CD comp The Essential Charley Pride

    2. There must be some classics on your "best-of" compilation CD. (P.S. I love cheap!)

  5. Sadly it doesn't have The Crystal Chandeliers but I have that on another cheap and cheerful comp!

  6. This makes me think of Dad. He loved CP and played him incessantly... much to my chagrin at the time. I wasn't blessed with brains.