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Monday, 26 June 2017


I know what you have been thinking- there has been a dearth of songs by Slobberbone on the old blogosphere recently.
Strangely, I have been thinking exactly the same thing .
So here are the band from the Texan college town of Denton and featuring the world's tallest bass player with a couple of songs from Slippage an album from 2002 on New West Records.

Some alt country numbers and some a bit more thrashy. I've gone thrashy today and what a splendid racket these two songs serve up.

Slobberbone - Springfield, Il

Slobberbone -Write Me Off


  1. More Slobberbone. The internet demands it! We demand more Slobberbone!

  2. I must have missed previous postings by this lot. I was dreading it as it's an awful name for a band. But these tunes are just the thing for keeping me going as I get tired on a Monday evening. Very Dinosaur Jr. Cheers CC.