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Monday, 15 December 2014

These Boots are Made for Singing

Victoria Christina Hesketh better known as Little Boots shot to fame with her 2009 album Hands.
I acquired a copy  a few months ago in a charity shop and have just got round to giving it a listen.
It is a pleasant piece of light electronic pop which reached number 5 in the UK albums charts.

She had previously been a member of the all girl band Dead Disco.
She followed up Hands with an EP  Illuminations in 2009 and the album Nocturnes in 2013 which only reached number 45.

At the time of Hands coming out she was touted as the next big thing - however that honour seems to have gone to Ellie Goulding instead.
That's pop music for you.

Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat

Little Boots -Hearts Collide


  1. Hello - dropping by via some mutual friends!
    Funnily enough we acquired a copy of this very recently too - and also from a charity shop - just thought it must be worth a try and ended up keeping it (to my mind there is just enough of a St Etienne feel to keep it from being too frothy!) A favourite track for me has to be Symmetry, as I'm loving the the Phil Oakey vocal - the perfect fit.

    1. Good of you to drop by C.
      Your comments about the record are spot on. I must confess I only gave Symmetry a cursory listen first time round. Listening more carefully it could only be big Phil!

    2. I wondered what happened to Little Boots and now you've prompted me to go and find out. Should have been big but was probably a little too good to be truly popular. C is definitely right about the St. Etienne similarities and she could almost be mistake for Sarah Cracknell. Electro melancholy always hits the spot. If I see her stuff in a charity shop I'll be grabbing it pronto.