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Monday, 22 December 2014

The Man in Black and The Man Upstairs

The Christmas Collection by Johnny Cash is not for the faint hearted.
Recorded in 2003 during his wilderness years there are no references to Santa Claus, commercialism, consumerism or people enjoying themselves.
Oh no - rather it is all hymns and homilies delivered with the fervour of a true believer.
However, even non- believers cannot fail to be inspired by the majesty of the Man in Black.

This first song is just crying out to be covered by The Handsome Family.
And if you or the family are moaning about what you need to get in for Christmas or if the kids have a list for Santa as long as your arm the second "song" may give you food for thought.

Remember in Country music land Christmas is not a time for enjoying yourself!

Johnny Cash -Ringing the Bells for Jim

Johnny Cash - Christmas as I Knew it


  1. I hadn't heard these before. Heavy stuff.

  2. Heavy indeed Swede.The autobiographical second song is quite interesting