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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Saturday Lucky Dip

It looks as though the Red Hot and Cool compilation gracing the CCM shelves came free with Red magazine.
It is billed as 10 -chilled out tracks -the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday morning.
Now Sunday as you all know equals soul so you are getting this on Saturday.
It features the likes of Moby, Groove Armada, Kinobe and Jon Hopkins - pleasant enough but not really my cup of tea.
It also has The Facts of Life by Black Box Recorder which is not too shabby.
My idea of chill out music is probably more some Southern Soul or a wee bit of murder and misery courtesy of a country song or two.
Somewhat bizarrely  The Ballad of Cable Hogue by Calexico is on the CD and rather neatly fits that bill.

More random nonsense next Saturday

Black Box Recorder - The Facts of Life

Calexico -Ballad of Cable Hague