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Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Stray Cats Single of Sorts - The Race is On

The final single in the box and technically not really a Stray Cats single.
This cover of The Race is On a song made famous by the great George Jones features on Dave Edmunds Twangin' album.
He was producing the Stray Cats at this time so got them along to assist him.
Released as a single it charted in the UK singles charts on 20th June 1981 peaking at number 34 and was on the charts for just 6 weeks.
The song was written by George Jones and Don Rollins and has also been covered by Jack Jones , country band Sawyer Brown, the Grateful Dead and Alvin and the Chipmonks!
I suspect that George and Dave's versions are the only ones worthy of a listen.

The b-side (I'm Gonna Start) Living Again if it Kills Me is written by Dave, Nick Lowe and Nick's then wife Carlene Carter 

Dave Edmunds with The Stray Cats - The Race is On

Dave Edmunds- (I'm Gonna Start) Living Again if it Kills Me

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