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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Saturday Lucky Dip

Hasn't the World Cup been great so far?
A true festival of football and as Luis Suarez might say plenty for the neutral fans to get their teeth into.
My fear is that now we are down to the last 16 teams may get more cautious and the football wont be as free flowing as it has been. Hope I'm wrong.

To this weeks Lucky Dip and two tracks taken from Uncut's October 2013 selection Fill Her Up Jacko! (lyrics from a Strummer song? Swiss Adam to advise)
First up is America by Laura Veirs with the great opening lines
How can it be so cold out here in America
Everybody is packing heat in America
Training their barrels on the city streets of America

Lovely - nice and mellow
The same can't be said for City Job by The Icarus Line. They are noisy buggers but are none the worse for that.
Filed randomly by my download software under Deep Purple - obviously

Laura Veirs - America

The Icarus Line - City Job


  1. I hope SA don't mind me answering, but, yes, correct, "Fill Her Up, Jacko" derives from 'Janie Jones', the opening track on the Clash's 1st album and one of their finest moments: if you don't know it yet, you should listen to it now!

    1. Cheers Dirk
      It is indeed a great album and a great song
      I shall give it a listen in the near future and look out for that line!