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Monday, 23 June 2014

Creation Stories

Going from reading Sweet Soul Music by Peter Guralnick to Alan McGee's Creation Stories is a bit like going from a broadsheet newspaper to a red top tabloid.
From in-depth analysis to salacious tittle tattle. But it is none the worse for that -an interesting and entertaining read.
McGee comes across as a bit of a twat, something he himself concedes from his time on the drink and drugs.
I'm not particularly sure that I would enjoy his company.
However his legendary status as the founder of Creation cannot be ignored - Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub, Oasis et al.
Also he and Bobby Gillespie were Mount Florida boys. For  a few years I had a flat a few hundred yards from his boyhood home 36 Carmunnock Road, Mount Florida,Glasgow in the shadows of Hampden Park

Primal Scream - Loaded

Teenage Fanclub -Alcoholiday


  1. My Bloody Valentine is on a very short list of bands that I will find myself obsessing over from time to time....thankfully though my living didn't depend on them in the early 90s.

  2. That's a pretty decent line up of bands he had on Creation, but like yourself CC not sure I would want to have a pint with him...