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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Championship Soul

Never mind your 99p Soul today's offering is your actual 50p Soul in the shape of Soul Searching -Volume One- a compilation purchased in Oxfam for the grand total of 50p
It includes the likes of Billy Ocean, Millie Jackson,Jonathan Butler, Glen Jones, Precious Wilson and Vanessa Bell Armstrong.
With the World Cup now just about upon us I have borrowed a football analogy from Darcy on the great Feel It  and would describe this as Championship Soul.
Darcy differentiates between Premiership Soul the creme de la creme and Championship Soul that whilst still good does not quite merit being included at the top of the pile.
There are a couple of pretty good tracks on this album.
Hurting Inside by Ruby Turner produced by Womack and Womack and Children of the Ghetto by The Real Thing.
I've got them down as the losing semi-finalists in the Championship play offs. Close but no cigar.

Ruby Turner -Hurting Inside

The Real Thing - Children of the Ghetto

1 comment:

  1. Ruby Turner - thanks to her collaboration with Jools Holland - is well on her way to becoming a national treasure (or should that be jewel). Me and Mrs Darce are fans and have seen her live a couple of times (not with Jools). Her voice is definitely Premier League although her material over the years probably leaves her kicking around in the Championship.
    Really like this track. Thanks.