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Thursday 12 September 2013

If I'd Stayed with you in Colorado

The only other act I ever saw at the County Hotel , Perth was Cathryn Craig.
Her self titled album from 1997 was released by Perth's very own Goldrush Records.
Goldrush was a great record shop but I'm not sure if it is still there - I hope so!

A couple of years later I saw Cathryn again at Blackfriars in Glasgow.
My pals and I got chatting to her at the end of the gig and mentioned (in a very polite way) that we were a wee bit disappointed that she hadn't played Colarado.
She promptly pulled up a chair, got out her guitar and exclusively played it for the three of us!

Cathryn Craig - Colorado


  1. got some good bargains in Goldrush records over the years. Dn't think that the people of Perth were into anything new, as whenever I was up the fairly new good 12" singles were all discounted

  2. Can we leave "my end" out of it please?

  3. any more tales of you and friends accosting performers?