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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Not this Tippi

The Tippi featured today is the erstwhile lead singer of the previously featured Hedrons as opposed to the actress Tippi Hedren who appeared in Hitchcock's The Birds.
You can imagine the confusion when trying to locate her in popular search engines!

Tippi, the singer, was in a Glasgow punk band and then went solo with a more mellow approach as these tracks demonstrate.
I am not a fan of the Blue Nile , in fact I would go as far as to to say I positively dislike them. Chances are, if I had noticed that the Tippi cd single I picked up was a cover of one of their records I may not have bothered.This is probably the closest they will get to featuring on CCM.
Her own song Reminisce is pretty good however. Plus it was only a pound

My single is signed - "David, best wishes Tippi" - so that's my brother's Christmas present sorted!

Tippi - Reminisce

Tippi - Tinseltown in the Rain


  1. Are we to assume that are not too many Blue Nile cds in the re-styled music room? I would hope not, their records are a dreary load of old pish. By the way, if you decide not to give thsi to your brother, can you post it on to mine please? Remember to wrap it nicely/

  2. You're NOT a fan of The Blue Nile?!?!?! What sort of sick puppy are you?!?!? To ease you in, here's the gorgeous Gary Clark doing a divine version of "Saturday Night". (Note - 2 minutes in, Gary checks how good the song is - believe him).

    Ps - it's too late for your wee pal George. Poor mannie needs tae be pit doon.

  3. I'm afraid I'm in agreement with George on this one Gram.
    There are two BN cds on the CC shelves both belonging to Mrs CC
    One signed as she knew someone who knew Paul Buchanan

  4. Sadly, I must conclude that Mrs CC has wonderful taste - except in husbands. (Insert suitable emoticon here).