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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sipping Jack Daniels in Third World Bars

I purchased Modern Times by Latin Quarter on e-bay a few years ago from Germany and had a devil of a job paying for it.
For some reason paying by Paypal was not an option.
I ended up in prolonged e-mail correspondence with the seller in Germany with English on my part and German on theirs.
At the time I was blissfully unaware of the translator function so was forwarding e-mails to friends in Germany to translate.
It was all finally and very amicably resolved by me posting off 10 Euros to my new friend in Germany.
The on -line encyclopedia describes their music as pop, rock, reggae and folk.I would argue that it has more of a jazz feel about it.
Their songs are well written with a political hue about them particularly the two featured below.
However I can't say I play it all that often these days but it was nice to dust it down and to have a listen for the first time in a long while

Latin Quarter - America For Beginners

Latin Quarter -Radio Africa

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  1. Nice post, haven't heard Latin Quarter for many a year. I have a 7" of "Toulouse" kicking about somewhere.