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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

More Downs Than Ups

 Swiss Adam posted an interesting  and eloquent piece on R.E.M. recently.
He was of the view that they produced little of note after New Adventures in HiFi. He is probably correct although others may go back still further.
What is not in doubt is that they should have called it a day long before they actually did.
On the positive side you can pick up their later albums in Charity Shops for next to nothing which is probably just about how much they are worth,
I've only heard Up and Reveal of their last 5 albums but I'm wondering if folk reckon that you could select enough tracks from these 5 albums to create one half decent one?
Here are two possible contenders from Up

R.E.M. -Hope

R.E.M. - Falls to Climb


  1. I never took to Up at all. Couldn't muster any enthusiasm for it. I bought Reveal. No idea why.

  2. Many downs, in my opinion, but all is forgiven because of Murmur and Reckoning.

  3. Accelerate was a good record. Perhaps 7 or 8 songs from that, three from Up ('Hope', 'At My Most Beautiful' and 'The Apologist'), and just 'I've Been High' from Reveal. And maybe 'Discoverer' from the last one. Bugger all from Around The Sun.

    Still, even at their worst, they were better than Mumford & Sons!