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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

$Million Sellers$ - Country Favourites


Now the album may have been titled $Million Sellers$ but I managed to pick up a copy for 50p in Oxfam.
Some classic early 60's Country.
Side 1 Four tracks from Claude King - Commancheros, Big River Big Man, Tiger Woman and his 1962 signature tune Wolverton Mountain written with Merle Kilgore based on a real character Kilgore's uncle Clifton Clowers who lived on Wolverton Mountain near Morrilton, Arkansas


Next up is Ferlin Husky - you don't get names like Claude and Ferlin these days- more's the pity
He was supposed to be called Furland (even better!) but his name was mis-spelt on his birth certificate
Side 2 Four tracks - A Fallen Star, Just for You, Gone and the ever excellent Wings of a Dove


  1. There seems to be a bit of a country flava floating around our tiny we bit of the blogosphere at the moment.

  2. You can never have enough Country Drew!