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Friday, 13 June 2014

50.000 Fall Fan's Can't Be Wrong ....... Or Can They?

As George has alluded to on more than one occasion I am not the world's biggest Fall fan.
The only album of theirs I have is the compilation 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong.
I've yet to come across any of their albums second hand or in a Charity Shop and I would not really be tempted to pay full price for them.
I've seen them live twice at the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow- the first time they were absolutely fantastic, the second time they kept everyone waiting for ages, were only on for about 20 minutes and were absolutely awful.
It has to be said that I probably like them more now than I did a few years ago and listen (and occasionally download) most of the tracks that the likes of George and Drew put on and find the majority of them ok.
Here are a couple from the compilation which I particularly enjoy.

The Fall -How I Wrote Elastic Man

The Fall -Eat Y'self Fitter


  1. You don't have to pay full price for Fall cds as they have all been re-released that many times that there are thousands of them out there going for next to nothing and Fopp always seems to have a fair few. Just stay clear of the many MES has put out for beer money not much better than bootleg quality,

    I will always buy the studio albums but will never go back and see them live again as Smith's attitude really pisses me of, too many half arsed gigs and he doesn't care. Sad really. Proper fud!

  2. I first saw them at Ayr Pavilion around 1983/84. They were just astonishing. Two drummers plus MES, Brixie and The Boys. Heavy rotation of instruments between band members and a set that went on for about 90 minutes. I bought a 1981 ten inch EP the day after the gig called "Slags, Slates etc". I played it to death and still play it. Brilliant record.
    They have had many strokes of Fall genius since (I loved their take on "Lost In Music") but the gigs have been a real let down. I saw the 20 min set tour in Edinburgh. It was a shambles.