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Monday, 4 March 2013

Venn Diagrams

With the exception of Maths teachers (and I know you are out there) can anyone remember doing Venn Diagrams at school?
I have a vague memory of doing them about 40 years ago and then nothing until they began to appear with rather alarming frequency on Powerpoint slideshows extolling the virtues of  Partnership working between Health and Social Work and such like stuff.
So perhaps there is a purpose after all.
Doesn't explain algebra or trigonometry though!

Lisa Hannigan - Venn Diagram


  1. I like Venn Diagrams. And I am a confirmed non-mathematician.
    Algebra is shite.

  2. Hardly ever use them. Or algebra or trigonometry. Might explain why certain cohorts of A-level mathematicians are failing.....Looking forward to the track though. Have you got any Algebra Suicide?