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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ash Wednesday

First off a heads up to Town Full of Losers who posted a far more interesting and informative post on the actual date!

Getting towards the end of my holiday purchases. Came across Nu-clear Sounds by Ash which I wasn't sure if I had

Turns out I didn't have it and the only Ash in my collection was a  vinyl copy of 1977.

I'm also about 80% per cent sure I've never seen them live although a small part of my brain thinks I may have seen them at the Carling Academy in Glasgow. If I did, they can't have been much good!

Old age, it doesn't come itself!

This is a stonkin'  Stoogiesque cover version

Ash - Fortune Teller


  1. is Stoogiesque a word? Terry Yorath is 63 today,

  2. I read aScottish Govt letter today with the "word" denormalise in it.
    If that is a word so is Stoogiesque
    I met Tery Yorath in a bar in Paris after Scotland v Brazil with Eddie Gray ,Joe Jordan and Ron Dickson from Brookside!!