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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Anal Retention

Following comments on the recent Jackie Leven post and earlier posts about the legality or otherwise of disposing of records can I quote the following mantra from Giles Smith's excellent book Lost in Music

“I do not sell, exchange or give away records that I have bought. These are not transactions I’m prepared to contemplate. It seems to me that one’s ownership of records and the moral responsibilities and personal significances involved are way to grave to allow for the kind of flippant horse-trading that some people go in for.”

This is something I subscribe to but I realise the somewhat paradoxical and indeed hypocritical nature of this stance which is somewhat contrary to the ethos of this blog with its focus on second hand music from Charity Shops.

Like Mr Smith, however, I do not have a problem with others (including Mrs CC) disposing of records and CDs to charity and if they look ok I am more than happy to buy them.

The down side of this philosophy is that you can end up with such rubbish as David Bowie's Heathens


  1. ...but you can go to a record sop in the 90s and buy a Robert Lloyd and the New 4 Seasons album that is so terrible you take it back the next day and ask to swap it for something else. Unfortunately that (Mary Black) was even worse...and still with me..

  2. We are Puppets by Tiger is probably the worst I have - bought it thinking it was like the Levellers/New Model Army
    It's awful - tried to play it recently to confirm how bad it was but couldn't get beyond track 4
    Even thogh it is a bought album I suspect it may feature at some stage