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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Leven Ballantrae

From the ridiculous to the sublime.

On the way home from holiday we stopped off in Ballantrae on the A77 Stranraer to Glasgow road for a 5 minute potter in the local Thrift shop.

There were loads of CDs dumped in big piles as opposed to any neat order.99.9% was the usual tosh but I was determined not to leave without purchasing.
It wasn't easy but eventually I parted with 50p for what I thought was a Jackie Leven CD Single.
He was an interesting character and I recall listening to an excellent interview with him on Radio Scotland  before he passed on.

On closure inspection (once we had fought off the sleet and returned to the car ) it turns out it was The Right to Remain Silent a 7 track EP from 1994 on Cooking Vinyl

Back home I checked it on Amazon to find it is going for 88 quid new and 35 quid second hand!
It was a bit of an Antique Roadshow moment and "No of course not. I'm not going to sell it!"

Jackie Leven- Ballad of a Simple Heart


  1. Excellent. That, of course, would be illegal.

  2. Indeed
    There is an excellent quote to that effect in "Lost in Music" by Giles Smith which I am reading at the moment and which will feature shortly in a subsequent post